Wind Power

Product innovation drives change in wind turbine tower climbing, and
service differentiation leads wind power maintenance standards.

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Product innovation drives change in wind turbine tower climbing, and service differentiation leads wind power maintenance standards.

  • 3S has designed a complete range of products for wind turbine construction and maintenance, including safety lifting equipment such as Service Lifts, Climb Auto Systems, Climb Assists, and Maintenance Platforms, including safety devices such as Aluminum Ladders, Fall Protection Systems, Evacuation and Rescue Devices in case of emergency, and Self-Retracting Lifelines, Offshore Cranes, and more.
  • Also, 3S provides specialized installation training and technical support. Many of our products, such as Service Lifts, Climb Auto Systems, and Blade Maintenance Platforms, were developed specifically for the wind power industry. All products are supported by the 3S professional product management team. Exclusive and specialized service support can be customized if needed.

Continuous Innovation
Intelligent dedicated services, extend the business territory

  • 3S adheres to the concept of “Quality is Market” and is committed to providing safe & reliable products that meet global market standards. We grasp the development direction of the industry with an international strategic vision and take the lead in mastering cutting-edge technologies. Focusing on customers and users, we keep optimizing and innovating to maximize quality improvement. With the high-quality products and the good reputation, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with customers worldwide.
  • 3S has been exploring intensive development since its establishment, and we have successively set up the Business Development Center in the United States, the Operation, Manufacturing and R&D Center in China, the Frontier Technology Center in Germany, the Global Service Center in India, and the Technical Service Center in Japan. Around the “Sales, Production, Research and Investment,” we have formed a management model of multiple centers in five countries, and the centralized and unified management has truly formed an industrial group.

Wind Power Solutions and Products

Manned Lifting Solutions
Manned Lifting Solutions
Hoisting Solution
Hoisting Solution
Evacuation and Rescue Solutions
Evacuation and Rescue Solutions
Equipment Maintenance Solutions
Wind Internal Solution
Wind Internal Solution


3S Climb Auto Systems in North America
3S Service Lifts in Thailand
GE Wind Turbine Maintenance in Energy Conservation Zhangbei Wind Farm
Fujian Xinghua Port Offshore Crane Project

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