Jeff Interman

Wind Turbine Technician, Midwest USA
Wind Technicians Midwest USA
More and more US wind technicians are working with the Climb Auto System. Hear from them about their personal experiences with this automatic climber and how it has impacted their everyday life and work.

I’ve been in wind for fifteen-and-a-half years. I climbed pretty much the whole time until we got the Climb Auto System. What I like about this automatic climber is that I feel it has made my career longer. I was getting to a point where the daily climb was beating me down. It was just wearing on things – my shoulders, my knees, everything. I feel blessed to have the Climb Auto System now because it means I can continue to work in this job. I definitely feel that now I can stay with this job until retirement.

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Neal Gyngard

Founder, TCGM
TCGM US & Canada
Neal Gyngard is the founder of Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys. TCGM is the place where wind turbine techs from all over the world can share their knowledge and experiences.

The Climb Auto System by 3S Lift is an amazing device that can extend the longevity of a wind turbine technician. Climbing keeps you in shape, but it also fatigues you very much. It wears out your knees and other joints. Constant climbing is really a burden to the wind tech job and pushes people out of the industry. I’d like to see more people stick around. If they had a Climb Auto System they could work in this job for a longer period of time.

What’s special about the Climb Auto System is that I feel a lot safer on it than I did in some of the Service Lifts that I rode on in the past years. I think the system is just inherently safe. I think it’s well designed, well put together, well-engineered, and it seems like it’ll last for quite a long time.

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