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Ficont Industry Terms and Conditions

All information on this website is provided by Ficont Industry (Beijing) Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to Ficont Industry). Please read the following clauses carefully prior to application. This website can only be used in case you abide by the following clauses. Continue to visit this website, read, download the data in this website or use any information expressed in this website shall imply you have accepted and will observe the following clauses. It is forbidden to apply information of this website for illegal purposes or in ways other than that are not in compliance with following clauses.

The information published on this website can only be used for reference rather than commercial purpose.

1. Copyright Claims

All rights reserved by Ficont Industry as for any information on this website (including but not limit to data, text, graphs, pictures, audio or video, etc). Data on this website cannot be duplicated, reproduced, disseminated, published, reprinted, revised or displayed in any method without prior permission in written form. Unauthorized usage of this website violates Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws, regulations, corresponding to international conventions and persons and entities engaging in unauthorized usage shall bear civil liability, administrative responsibility, criminal responsibility for their violation.

2. Disclaimers

All information provided to customers in this website has been inspected carefully by Ficont Industry, which will dedicate to enrich and update information. As for the information provided in this website, Ficont Industry does not bear responsibility for any mistake, omission or delay of data update. The pages on this website aim to provide general information of Ficont Industry, as well as products and services. Information published in the website cannot be deemed to be professional advice or indication with regard to products and services provided by Ficont Industry. For any doubt about Ficont Industry’s products and services, please contact Ficont Industry directly for consultation.

Ficont Industry does not guarantee the stability of web servr and network nor the availability of browsing, reading and using of this website. The data expressed in the website can be changed at any time without notice. Ficont Industry assumes no responsibility or liability for your computer system, software, hardware, IT system damage or asset loss caused by any computer virus or other harmful program when you access, browse, use this website or download any content of the website.

Ficont Industry accepts no responsibility for your access to other websites through links shown on this website. When you access other websites, you have fully understood that these websites have no relationships with Ficont Industry and they are not under the control of Ficont Industry. Additionally, the links to other websites shown on this website do not indicate Ficont Industry agrees or bears responsibility for the content or usage of other websites. You should enter other websites deliberately to avoid incurring any computer virus or other harmful programs.

3. Guarantee of Privacy

In the case that our company collects private information for maintenance of this website (e.g., name, address, phone number, email address), we will strictly adhere to local laws and regulations in relation to protection of data and privacy.

Please make your own decision on whether to provide your private information to us, if you want to contact us (e.g. for consultation). Normally, all information provided shall only be sent to the corresponding email address of the responsible party at Ficont Industry rather than be saved. Your private information can only be used to reply to your enquiry, for order management, dedicated information transmission, and data evaluation.

During customer service, the following may be performed as required:

1. Save and send your private information to other companies affiliated to Ficont Industry for answering your questions exactly.
2. Use of your data for the introduction of products or services (or if a related contract is signed, allowing third party to use the data that you provide for this purpose).

You can email us at any time to request change, deletion or abeyance of any data that you provided. We will not establish basic information sheets of our users, irrespective of whether the user provides private information or not. Your private information will not be shared, sold, lent or rented to any third party on any occasion. The system will collect some non-private information for statistical analysis automatically (such as IP address, browser and operation system, the domain name leading you to our website, visit frequency, average visiting time in our website, the web pages browsed), while you are visiting any web page of our website.

Information collection and analysis are performed anonymously. The automatic collection of aforementioned data by the system is only use for evaluating the attraction of our website, which aims to improve the content of the website effectively. We will take corresponding measures to ensure the safety of your data. We will dedicate to protect your data from loss, destruction, forgery, falsifiction or unauthorized reading/publishing by/to others.

4. Legal application

All lawsuits or disputes incurred by the content of this website are subject to the laws of The People’s Republic of China.

This declaration conforms to laws of The People’s Republic of China.