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With nearly two decades of experience in providing lifting solutions, we are proud to offer an array of services to add value to our customers’ operations.

Ranging from engineering services, to training and installation & maintenance for our products, we support our customers every step of the way. Our services are always tailored to the needs of our customers, allowing us to accommodate their individual requirements in all aspects.

Engineering Services

Customized Products

With more than 100 R&D engineers we can tailor our products to fit the specific needs and requirements of our customers’ projects. This can include adjustments according to tower dimensions, specific surface treatments and adding additional safety features to fulfill local or enterprise-specific requirements.

Development of Tailor-Made Solutions

Furthermore, our engineers develop tailor-made solutions on our customers’ behalf. We design and manufacture customized solutions based on specifications that are a perfect fit for the specific need. We can also partner with our customers’ R&D teams and work in cooperation to support them in developing the best solution for their particular needs. In this way, our customers benefit from our longstanding expertise while getting a solution that is 100% tailored to their requirements.

Kit-Setting and
Procurement Services

3S Lift offers kit-setting and logistics services to allow our customers to maximize the efficiency of their operation. 

Thanks to our engineering, manufacturing, and procurement expertise, we can offer our customers the convenience of dealing with a single supplier to deliver all necessary materials and bundle them in kits.

Through a combination of in-house production and procurement of parts from sub-suppliers, we can offer the full range of all key tower internal components: Platforms, platform galleries, Service Lifts, Climb Auto Systems, Climb Assists, Platforms, Aluminum Ladders, Fall Protection Systems, Evacuation and Rescue Devices, cable trays, brackets, stair cases and doors.

This makes us the one-stop-shop for the entire scope of wind turbine tower internals and allows our customers to outsource part of their procurement to increase their efficiency.

Training Services

To enable a smooth implementation of our products and to ensure safe handling, we offer various training services, including operation training, maintenance training and installation training. Our training is always centered around our customers, accommodating their individual needs and settings.

Operation Training

Safe and reliable operation is based on properly trained staff. 3S Lift and our authorized partners provide operation training to local personnel. Theoretical classroom-style instruction is combined with practical hands-on training. This enables operators to attain the necessary competence and be well-prepared for the safe use of our products.

Installation Training

3S Lift and our authorized partners also provide installation training. This allows customers to self-install their 3S Lift products. In-depth training courses teach the specific knowledge and skills necessary to carry out safe and efficient product installations on site, ensuring that all product installations follow the strict guidelines set forth for reliable and safe use of the products.

Maintenance Training

Regular maintenance is key in running safe and efficient operations. 3S Lift and our authorized partners provide comprehensive maintenance training that allows local staff to carry out regular maintenance and troubleshooting. This empowers local operations and enables them to be self-reliant while allowing for maximum responsiveness to the needs of the project.

Installation, Maintenance
and Troubleshooting Services

Customers who purchase our high-quality products can rely on our installation and maintenance services to allow for quick implementation and reliable operation. We also offer trouble shooting and repair services on demand.

Installation Service

3S Lift and our authorized partners provide quick and reliable installation of our products at local wind farms. Once installation is completed, customers can enjoy the smooth and safe operation of 3S Lift products, elevating Health & Safety at their sites.

Maintenance Service

Continued safe and reliable operation requires regular maintenance. 3S Lift and our authorized partners support our customers with maintenance services. We ensure our products are checked and maintained properly to allow for safety and reliable operations.

Troubleshooting and Repair on Demand

In case troubleshooting or any repairs become necessary, 3S Lift and our authorized partners are available on demand to support our customers. With swift feedback and solutions, we ensure that our products are back up and running quickly, minimizing any outage or downtime.


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