Over the last 2 decades, we have become a leading
global supplier for tower internals and the No. 1 market
leader in Asia.

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Research & Development

With a global presence of around 900 employees and locations in China, Japan, India, Europe and the US, 3S INDUSTRY provides a wide range of products to wind turbine manufacturers, tower manufacturers, service providers and wind farm owners across more than 60 countries.

Our headquarters is located in in Beijing, China. It is the technology research and development base for our professional safety and lifting equipment. We have designed and developed more than 70 professional products here. Through continuous research and development for new equipment and services, we strive to support more and more customers with our high-quality solutions. Together we can build a sustainable future that runs on clean energy.

Expanded Production

In 2019, we expanded to our brand-new manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China. This modern production site allows us to meet the growing global demand for 3S INDUSTRY products. We believe in continuously improving efficiency, optimizing quality, and innovating to create technological breakthroughs in order to provide high quality and competitive products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

One-Stop-Shop for Wind
Tubine Tower Internals

As the one-stop-shop for our customers we offer tower internal components such as Service Lifts, Climb Auto System, Climb Assists, Platforms, Aluminum Ladders, Fall Protection Systems, Evacuation and Rescue Devices, Blade Maintenance Platforms, Offshore Cranes and more. In addition to our broad product portfolio, we provide engineering services to develop and customize products according to customer needs.

Our products

Robust processes
To ensure high quality

Manufacturing Expertise

Our extensive production capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of tower internal components through in-house manufacturing. Our factory processes steel and aluminum using stamping, welding, bending, and cutting. Our welding process is EN 1090 and ISO 15614 certified.

Quality Assurance

Our robust quality control system can quickly identify small inefficiencies and achieve visibility and controllability of our end-to-end operation.


Our traceability system allows us to fulfil individual traceability requirements of our customers. With this well-controlled system, we can seamlessly track our products and their individual components and materials back to their origin.

Supply Chain Management

We rigorously monitor and manage our supply chain to ensure that all products are completed and delivered on time. This allows us to be the reliable partner our customers need and to add value to their business.

Kit-Setting Services

3S INDUSTRY offers kit-setting and logistics services to allow our customers to maximize the efficiency of their operation. Thanks to our engineering, manufacturing, and procurement expertise, we can offer our customers the convenience of dealing with a single supplier to deliver all necessary materials and bundle them in kits.

Through a combination of in-house production and procurement of parts from sub-suppliers, we can offer the full range of all key tower internal components: Platforms, platform galleries, Service Lifts, Climb Auto Systems, Climb Assists, Aluminum Ladders, Fall Protection Systems, Auto Descending Devices, cable trays, brackets, stair cases and doors.

This makes us the one-stop-shop for the entire scope of wind turbine tower internals and allows our customers to outsource part of their procurement to increase their efficiency.


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