Retrofit solutions

Improving Health & Safety and Economic Performance

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Retrofit Solutions

Improve Health & Safety
and Maximize Returns

3S Lift offers specialized retrofit solutions that can add considerable value, improving, Health & Safety and economic performance. These climbing aid solutions allow technicians to ascend towers more quickly and with little effort. This way, they can reach the top rested and start their work right away. In addition, climbing aid solutions protect the health of the technicians against the strain put on the body by climbing. On wind farms with climbing aids, there are considerably fewer soft tissue injuries which would otherwise lead to sick days, reduced motivation and would stress the operational efficiency of the project.

3S Lift Offers Specialized
Retrofit Solutions

Worldwide, 3S Lift has already installed over 80,000 Climb Auto Systems.

Having recognized the value of climbing aids, a number of large developers have recently retrofiited their entire fleets with 3S Lift’s solutions. While one developer in the US has chosen to install a large number of Climb Assits into his turbines, other customers have ordered hunderds of Climb Auto Systems.

Climb Assists alleviate technicians from some of the strain of climbing and can be retroffited to almost any ladder. 3S Lift’s innovative Climb Auto System eliminates the need for climbing. This single-technician ladder-mounted climber can transport personnel or equipment and offers a variety of benefits. It is easy retrofitted using the existing ladder and can often be installed in 8 hours or less. Worldwide, 3S Lift has already installed over 80,000 Climb Auto Systems.

Retrofitting Benefits

  • Improved Health & Safety

  • Higher satisfaction and motivation

  • Greater employee efficiency

  • Higher technician retention

  • Increased uptime and AEP

  • Decreased amount of sick leave

  • Lower hiring and training costs

  • Reduction of labor costs

Benefits in Detail

Improved Health & Safety

The repetitive motion of climbing towers puts extraordinary strain on the muscles and joints of technicians and causes countless injuries. These injuries lead to sick days and reduced motivation among technicians. The decreased technician availability stresses the project’s potential to maximize operational efficiencies. With the Climb Assist, technicians can climb the ladder with substantially less strain on their body. Even better, when using the Climb Auto System, technicians can safely reach the top of a tower putting zero stress on their muscles and joints.

Cost Savings Through Reduced Technician Turnover

Wind turbine technician is a fast-growing job, but sometimes sees high turnover rates and limited job longevity if technicians need to climb towers on a daily basis. Solutions like the Climb Assist and especially the Climb Auto System improve technician satisfaction, resulting in more competent and longer tenured employees. The higher employee retention leads to lower turnover costs.

Increased AEP Through Climb Time Savings

Using a Climb Assist or Climb Auto System allows technicians to ascend towers more quickly than with no climbing aids. The Climb Auto System reaches the top of an 80 m tower in under 5 minutes and the technician is fresh and ready to begin efficient work immediately. The savings in climb time result in increased AEP.

Improved Uptime Through Proactive Maintenance

On wind farms with Climb Assists or Climb Auto Systems, there is a reduced delay of crucial maintenance, as technicians are no longer pressed to bundle activities in order to keep the number of ascents to a minimum. Necessary maintenance is completed in a timelier manner, leading to increased uptime, extended turbine life and lower operational costs.

Labor Cost Reduction Through Increased Technician Efficiency

Wind farms that are outfitted with Climb Assists or even Climb Auto Systems can decrease their headcount by up to 10% and save on labor costs, because with these systems the efficiency of their technicians is increased and the chance of climbing related injuries is reduced.


The 3S Lift Climb Auto System is a single-technician ladder-mounted climber that eliminates the physical and mental strain of climbing. It features safety control switches on both handles, a remote mode for easy transport of tools, and collapsible footboards for rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency. The Climb System offers independent fall-arrests for both personnel and the system itself, providing utmost safety.

The Climb Auto System eliminates climbing

The Climb Auto System can be easily retrofitted to almost any wind turbine – often in 8 hours or less. Because the Climb Auto System is mounted to the existing ladder, the installation typically requires no changes to the wind turbine structures. The Climb Auto System reduces the cost of ownership compared to service lifts, both in terms of capital and maintenance costs. Its annual inspection can be completed in just 1 hour. The Climb Auto System has been installed in over 80,000 wind turbine towers worldwide. It is certified in accordance with CE, UL, ANSI, OSHA, and more, fully complying with the requirements of all major markets.

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The 3S Lift Climb Assist provides constant lifting force for technicians ascending and descending wind turbine towers, alleviating the load and reducing fatigue. Equipped with advanced adaptive technology, the Climb Assist automatically adjust to the climber’s speed. No hand operation is needed for starting and stopping, meaning the user’s hands are always safely on the ladder. The constant lifting force of 30-50 kg for ascent can be easily adjusted, based on the operator’s body weight. The descent assistance offers a constant lifting for of 30 kg. This help the operator reduce strees on the body, especially on the joints in their knees and ankles, when climbing down the ladder.

The Climb Assist provides constant lifting force, alleviating the load and reducing fatigue

Designed to require minimal maintenance, the Climb Assist’s annual inspection can be completed in just 1 hour. 3S Lift Climb Assist has become the trusted solutions for customers everywhere. It is CE and OSHA compliant and valued by customers around the globe for its proven safety, reliability, and ease to use.

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