Construction Industry

3S provides professional, temporary, and permanent access platforms
as well as customized services for working-at-height equipment, which
can meet safety and security requirements in various workplace scenarios
such as bridges, elevated construction and building maintenance.

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Build solid and secure infrastructure to connect the world

As a reliable global partner, 3S has experienced engineers and product managers to provide complete customized solutions to meet the challenges during infrastructure development. We can complete the design and manufacture of all types of equipment, as well as provide the lifting, hauling, and handling equipment to transport personnel and materials.

Provide engineering solutions for bridges, municipal sites, buildings, etc.

3S provides engineering support solutions for installing working platforms, lifting materials to the top of bridges, checking the tension of bridge ties, installing maintenance platforms, and more during all phases of the construction life cycle.

Construction Industry Solutions

Crane Solution
Crane Solution
Bridge Cable Overhaul Solutions
Safety and Security Solutions

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