Material hoist FAQ

1. What are the main components of the Material Hoist?

All models consist of four main components: a 1.1 KW / 1.5 KW (MH03L200/250), 230 V, 50 HZ drive unit, a 2 m bottom section with adjustable feet, a rail top section, and a load carrying device. The drive unit also includes a roll of wire rope (Ø6 mm, 43 m), a control box with 21 m limit switch cable, and a wired remote control with an E-Stop button.

2. What optional accessories are available for the Material Hoist?

Besides the main components, the following accessories are available to suit customer’s needs: 3S Lift standard 2 m, 1 m, 0.75 m, and 0.5 m guide rail sections, adjustable angle sections, guide rail supports, roof support brackets, various lifting boxes, and various wearing parts.

For more information, please refer to the product page or product catalogue.

3. Can the drive unit of the Material Hoist be used on guide rails of other brands?

No. Our high-strength aluminum guide rail for the Material Hoist is specially designed based on 3S Lift standards.

4. What is the maximum length and working height of the guide rail?

The length of the guide rail can be customized. The maximum length is 19 m and with this length, it will reach a maximum vertical working height of 17.86 m to the edge of the roof (at a guide rail angle of 70°). However, the 4 m guide rail with its maximum working height of 3.76 m is enough for many residential buildings with one floor.

5. How do you install the Material Hoist? Will there be a training for installation?

The completely tool-free installation procedures are described in the product manual in details and we will also provide a full set of videos for further instruction.

Since the product is easy to operate, no formal training for the use of this product is necessary. However, if you have any doubts while going through the manual and videos, you are welcome to reach out to us any time.

6. How long will it take to complete the installation?

For the 4 m guide rail version, it takes about 15 minutes for two people to complete the installation. Customized models require some extra time.

7. How long is the service life of the product?

It depends on whether the equipment is taken good care of. The designed service life of our motor can exceed 20,000 hours (under the condition that wearing parts are replaced in time). The product has passed 15,000 uninterrupted fatigue tests. The Material Hoist as a whole can complete more than 140,000 lifting operations, so it can function for a very long time if properly maintained.

8. What are the terms of warranty and after-sales service?

3S Lift will provide a one-year warranty (wearing parts not included). Please refer to the product manual for specific terms.

9. Where can I buy spare parts?

Each Material Hoist comes with extra wearing parts. For additional parts please contact us to get a quote.

10. What are the requirements for power supply on site?

There is no special requirement for the power supply as long as it’s stable. As for cables, a 3 m long power cable with safety plug and rubber sleeves (at least 3×2.5 mm² to ensure normal output of motor performance) is required.

Our products can operate normally within ± 10% of the rated voltage. A transformer is required to adapt to other voltage standards.

11. Can accessories or spare parts be purchased separately?

You can purchase accessories and spare parts separately should you need to replace the wear parts or to increase usage of the product.

12. How can I become a distributor or partner?

First of all, thank you for your support and trust in our products. 3S Lift are always open to new possibilities and potential partners. After confirming your qualifications and interests during the preliminary discussion, we can then negotiate specific business models, rules and terms.

By becoming one of the distributors or agents of 3S Lift, you will enjoy different levels of preferential policies according to the business performance and qualifications. Refer to specific statement of our regional manager for details.

13. Can the product operate normally in harsh weather?

The Ingress Protection level of the drive unit is IP54, which is the highest level in its rank. However, for the safety of operators, please stop using the equipment if the wind scale exceeds 6. Protection is needed on rainy days to avoid direct rain on electrical components.

It is recommended to perform necessary inspection and maintenance after use once the equipment has been affected by weather, so that the product can offer peak performance for as long as possible.

14. What certifications does the product have?

The Material Hoist conforms to the European standard EN12158-2, the Chinese national standard GBT 10054.2 and American standard ASME B20.1.

15. What to do in the case of sudden power failure?

The product is equipped with a power-loss protection mechanism. In the case of power failure, your goods will be firmly locked in their current position immediately. The lifting box can be lowered to the bottom slowly and smoothly by manually releasing the lever at the back of the drive unit, so your goods will be safe.

However, in order to avoid such incidents as much as possible, it is recommended that you strictly follow the operation procedures in the product manuals.

16. Can the guide rails be used for climbing?

No. The guide rail is specially designed for goods transportation and strictly complies with the corresponding standards. It is not designed for climbing by personnel. The risks brought by improper operation or climbing will be entirely borne by the user.

17. What are the wearing parts?

Wearing parts are defined according to their usage, including parts that are easily lost and worn, such as ring nuts, bolts, etc. See Wearing Parts List for details.

18. What if the rope breaks during operation?

The load carrying device has a safety catch mechanism, which locks the device on the guide rail in case the wire rope should break.

19. What is the maximum load? Can the product run when overloaded?

For different models, the maximum load is 250 kg / 200 kg respectively. If the load exceeds the specified maximum load by 10%, there will be an alarm sound and hoisting will stop automatically.

20. Where is this product manufactured? How long is the lead-time?

It depends on the exact location and individual requirements provided by customers, please contact the business personnel to confirm these specific terms.

21. How do I customize the product for special uses or environments?

We offer a wide range of customizations. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

22. How does maintenance for the Material Hoist work?

The whole product is generally maintenance free. It only needs regular replacement of wearing parts and gearbox lubricants.

23. What is the packaging size of the product?

Please take the package plan for a 19 m complete set as the reference: 2900*670*1000 (mm), gross weight: about 400 kg.